Sometime during the first half of 2005 Ocrat.com, a helpful site for learning the Chinese language, went down and was replaced with the message "OCRAT.COM is under construction. This site does not exist at this time".

Although the site had a "This site is no longer actively maintained. Sorry." disclaimer for more than a year, its content was extremely useful, allowing visitors to see how Chinese characters are written using stroke-order diagrams, listen and read Voice of America radio broadcasts in Chinese and English, get pronunciation help, and many other helpful and interesting things. Because I thought that the site was so useful and it is a shame to see such a good site go offline, I want to bring back the content of the Ocrat site.

I am claiming the content of Ocrat.com under fair use. Using Archive.org and the Python programming language I have begun downloading, recreating, and improving the content of the Ocrat.com site. If you have any suggestions or questions about this project, or if you have any information on the Ocrat site (what happened, who is the owner, etc.) I would be very happy to hear from you.

-- Steven Kryskalla <skryskalla@gmail.com>

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